We are happy to announce that our St. Demetrios Greek School

will be starting virtual classes this fall!

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Virtual Class Format

Our language classes K-8 will still meet on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, and each day students will meet with their teachers for two 45-minute classes (Kindergarten, for age 5+, only one 45 minute class period each day).  There will be no pre-K classes until we return in person.

Class materials will be organized through Google Classroom, and class meetings will be held through the Google Meet function (similar to Zoom), which is built into Google Classroom. We will continue to use the Γεια Χαρά curriculum in grades K-4, and the Κλικ books for the upper classes.


Agiasmos & First Night Back: Sep. 18, 6.00 pm

We also want to welcome all our families back to St. Demetrios in person for the traditional Agiasmos at 6.00 pm on Sep. 18. Our parish has been holding in person services for two months now, and we are confident that we can meet for the Agiasmos and still maintain proper social distancing.  That night, we will also distribute textbooks and give families an opportunity to meet with their respective teachers, again in a safe manner.


Start of Classes: September 22

Online Registration

REGISTRATION is now open. We ask that you register by September 8 so that we can have all our students’ books available for pick-up at the Agiasmos on Sep. 18.

In order to help families during these difficult times and because of reduced class hours, our school board has voted to reduce tuition to the following prices: