Everyone is welcome!

We hope that you will find a warm welcome when you come to visit St. Demetrios. Anyone, whether Orthodox or not, is welcome to enter our Church with reverence and the fear of God. Although most of our members are Greek by ethnicity, we are a Church for all people. We are Greek Orthodox, not to exclude anyone, but because we hold to the tradition of the Greek New Testament, the Greek Church Fathers, and the Greek Liturgy of the Ancient Church.

Before Your First Visit…

If you are visiting the Orthodox Church for the first time, some of the things we do may confuse you. It may help to read this brief article before your first visit. Don’t worry, these things will seem more natural with time. If you are more curious, you might enjoy the short videos below. Click HERE to see more of these videos about different aspects of Orthodox worship and belief. If you want to learn in more detail about our faith, worship, and history, you can read this Introduction to the Orthodox Church.